GBEMI (Re-invent the Past)


(Re-invent the Past)

The very first moment I met with your blonde eyes

It seemed I was floating along with the skies.

You had this impeccable fair skin;

Radiant as the redness of a diving comet

and your lips were so soft as fluffy wool.

You were quite stubborn though,

Even your heart needed two years to grow

Into having I rooted around your arms-

It was on this chilly eve in Akure, Ondo.

Upon a roughly carved stool made of stone,

What a place for a first kiss.

You thought me the insanity found in love;

The roof tops to view the little world around us,

The moments you pressed your face upon my chest

Just to have my aroma dwell with you.

I can’t tell how but you could perceive me from a distance.

We went and did virtually everything together

My friend, confidant and all that words can’t dictate

You shared your pain, as I did mine;

Shared our goals, fears and future;

Made a clown of everyone we felt needed to be a clown;

We called it Jonzing.

I recall when we both forgot our conversations

Of just a few seconds behind and it was so damned funny.

We tickled ourselves for hours and gasped for breath afterwards.

There was this note pad you got me on the 9th of July 2013

In it, on the very first page, you began by saying:

“I know you write better than I do, I know a note pad

Isn’t the best of gifts compared to a shirt or a Rolex, but my heart is and I love you

With all of it.

Those words are buried in my memory.

I still do have your diary, that of your first year in high school;

Your innocence was glaring, both then and now.

I believe it sprung from some noble lineage

We cared less about age

And your Ben 10 towel always made me laugh.

We were perfect!

Where are those moments for heaven’s sake?

You told me never to have my eggs in one basket

But I kept all in your pocket.

Things got pretty rough; I got drowned with work,

We spoke less and saw less,

I could feel me going paranoid, void and devoid of joy

I felt I had to leave to save myself from getting hurt again

But I got even more bruised by so doing.

I regret the break up text I sent; 4:28am, 27th December 2014

The dawn of your birthday;

I felt you were quite rude, stubborn and unyielding

I felt it was a taboo for you to say these words; “I’m sorry”

I felt I was losing you.

I felt numb from toes to my C.N.S.

I know I can’t justify my act,

I know how hard it would be to be forgiven

I know you will never pick my calls or reply

I really don’t know how I would go to church on Thursdays

because we always did go together,

sat on the same seat like it had our name tatted on it.

Living without you has been tough for me,

But what can I say? I have lost everything

My friends are gone, they all had me betrayed

Gave my mother the highest of all blood pressures

Everyone thought of me as arrogant and unstable.

All I have left is I, this pen and your memory.

I wish we could have a second chance

I wish I could re-invent the past

most of all I wish you could let me in.

I have my fate sealed for whatever should occur

Thank you for all you taught me and for being there

When nothing was all I had,

You gave me hope and made me glad

I would always love you…..always

Chidera Nnaeto Esq.

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He that has a mind; discern,
He that strays; return to learn,
He that is filled, offer to they that yearn.
But halt a while,
Did anyone of you birth the earth you defile?
Can thee walk a mile,
And steal the foot prints of another’s feet that slept on the sahara?
Or tell if a wedge lies ahead of thy next step?
So why bother with tomorrow?
When ignorant of what it shall birth
Is as stark darkness and nothing of it is beheld, not barely
But severity of entirely.

Be deceived not by mundane logic.
Without sorcery thy future can before thee stand and be of stun
As the golden glittering chandeliers of the dawn.

In our very palms, tomorrow, a day next after that day next to come from today;
There our future sits still,
As lions in Daniels den.

For that which you see you earn,
That destiny we aptly desire remains caged.
The keys, are neither in some treasure isle but in our imaginations.
That which in our minds is restless and sleepless wary the spirit realm
That they have us baptised with them.

An act deserves a thought,
A thought deserves being positive
And that, fortunately is man’s only route to seeing tomorrow.

Be keen unto that silent salient tone;
The holy spirit
and search the depths for humility.
For pride maketh men deaf.
Chidera Nnaeto Esq

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And if much we relate less,

Then have such as served,

For differences do exist,

As Mississippi is to Sicily.


I do know I sleep in your thoughts, not you Stephanie,

But another whose name need not be said,

For her does know hers as herself.

Never did I believe in magic,

Till we became somewhat of a comic,

Rendering our time of a sud’ concurrently.


I do ponder  idly,

What life defined as ideally?

Though paths of mine, feels not one part to be called smoothly,

Yet blessed are the hopeful as a virtue

For theirs is the kingdom of fortune.

As an idea, I do pop-have a mix in a cup

I take all of these, to subdue the pain to take a drop

To places I know not, but out of my thoughts,

To attain these heights, where I converse with clouds.


But your smile,

Graceful, enormous as it is naturally crafted.

That keeps me going on and on and on

Your voice as trumpets, which Jericho is weary of

But Canaan, headed am I.

 So keep that smile extravagant

For you never can, could or would tell,

That which the future, being tomorrow does unfold.


Chidera Nnaeto Esq




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St Valentine

 I did think of words

that could earn an applause

in expressing, my heart to you.

I found a few…

but one stood out.

from all that my memory could scout

it is nothing more than the plain truth and fact

that I love you with all your imperfections.


I could get bored at times,

but you find ways to invoke smiles

upon my face when they seem pale

your love consumes me as the whale did jonah.

yet; we could have moments when it seemed we met the borders of good byes

but with tears in my eyes

you took my arms and kissed them

as they flowed down my face.

With you, slow is life’s pace.

without you…I rather not imagine


They do say Valentine

seems to be over rated from time

but sincerely honoured I feel

that a day was made 

and history had it saved

for we all to appreciate those who

to us, mean the world and galaxies

there’s none but you my heart sees 


Though we just begun

or had been like a thousand rise of the sun

I’m most glad I found you


Though the future may rob our hopes,

I would import a billion ropes

to hang myself upon your love

for not one ecstasy feels like being in your warm cuddle

mild…hallucinatory and subtle.


you might find me absurdly crazy

but you won’t when love

hits you as an avalanche

and understand the purpose of today.

For you My heartbeat, happy Val’s day.


chidera nnaeto Esq



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As a movie thriller,
One whose genre I can’t describe,
Playing vividly in this mind of mine as deep as a trillion mines.
Doing so with an immense pride.
It is My past, just being a predator
I; just a prey to a
Beautiful past now reborn.

Memories,i did merry,
Thinking to ashes, they were
But are ripening right before my future.

Tempted I am
To reunite with the who we were
Which we were, when we were-
The very first love that did invoke
in me a charm.
Her Dazzling lips; carved of cottons width,
Cute eyes to align with,
Her smile enough to dispatch a battalion,
From whence they did come from.
Drowned in her grand physique,
I was..
For she bore natures virtues
Such as beauty and a Graceful wit
Immaculate: an outspoken youth.
I fell, oh no, we fell into Cupids well,
Trapped for moments we spent together,
I must have promised you forever
But who am I but human,
And to err is unfortunately one
Of the pairs of wrong doings.

Forgive, I feel you have.
I shall be free if you do.

Last I saw ur face was ’04,
Ten years yard and I always pondered how much of change
Ur voice of sapphire had become.
Not one strand of beauty did change,
Upon hearing your voice,
An addiction it became,
Of all; I often wish we could find our way back into our bossom.

Till this moment.
May God bless it
And may I achieve
All which I once told you I will…

Chidera nnaeto Esq

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 She makes you feel this way?

For you have been blinded 

How special is she to you

Not to see her flaws 

Her never ending faults

That love is very strong 

To get pass the past

To see her for an angel

Even as a demon 

She could never be so

How is it that you love 

So easily and naïve

Like free-falling 

Unto the unknown 

Down you go

Will she catch you

Or will you fall flat

Into the darkness

Where the sun doesn’t shine 

And the air isn’t right 

Tell me how a smart man

Can Fall foolishly on his face


BY: Khadijah Pratt




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning


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New years Resolution…


The first chapter began January,
Just as it does annually,
It was a brutal prologue,
Uncertainty filled my log
No acknowledgment ,not even to me.

Continually the trials fled my way,
Tears fell on his knees
What more could one say,
Uncertainties did sway,
And I did face them,
As red to a Bull,

Confusion did visit,
Rolling red carpets of depression,
For me to step on,
But I walked on…

The last chapter; December
I still can’t tell if I conquered all,
But this beginning of the end,
Into a Newest year-
Suddenly the book of 2013 ended.
The last chapter I shut.
All that began therein, ended therein
All to make 2014 an epic,
An irony of one before it
A novel worth awards I describe
This year!

Chidera nnaeto Esq

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From the scorching streets of Mvezo, Carved from the village of Transkei;
A warrior was conceived.
One whose path, none could dare have it deceased, not even his tender age
Nor by an arranged marriage.

At Youth, The End began,
He arose, as Lazarus did come.
Sailed a titanic plot for
the ANC to entrench
Within it; terror against apartheid,
To keenly strangle the racist tide
and trample upon the opposition.
As though it were red carpets.
From his souls womb, the non-violent defiance campaign did blossom as the hibiscus which Chimamanda Adiche did profess.
For the oppression of his people,
He despised, just enough to make him cripple.

Unto the rigour of this cause,
Sharpeville massacre evolved
As blood shed made a ford.
Then arrived the inevitable;
Serving Seasons of incarceration
sentenced for Sabotage
Imprisoned at Pollsmoor,
Then Robben Island for a life time sentence,  within cell 46664
For even in sickness, he was guarded at the warders’ abode
Surely he got Acquainted with such tours of confinement
conversing with series of prison walls,
That haunting daunting trauma from dining with darkness
Speaking to ghosts of his dream for South Africa.

All For a number of years that if added
Amounted to twenty years and seven more-
Just in-case , he could deter.
Yet enough to make a mortal deter.
But freedom from the colonials he dearly sought

He did write scores of letters to Evelyn Ntoko Mase and comrades
which were Obviously edited by the wards.
Yet four walls, could cage him not.
Still he did Instigate an entire nation to seize their freedom,
From the glittering fist of slavery
Along with its fiance; exploitation.
And so they did;
” Free Mandela” was gazetted on streets
And Embroided on placards.

The Oratory prowess, zeal and determination of one man,
fueled them on;
This war with no sword lived for length of Years

This and a countless many more finally tore the persistence of the colonials,
For his patience and torment he bore,
Just for this cause exhausted their wits.
Summoning the eyes of the World
To gaze upon the terror in which
In dusk and dawn they dined with…
But at times End,
The medal of Freedom was conceived
For both him and his warders.

Alas, the First democratically Elected unopposed  president in the first session of the new National Assembly, he became.

An icon as well,
A hero also,
And at ninety five, ninety five thousand
Persons wept at the stadium
To bid Madiba farewell,
One whose exit invoked snow flakes
To drizzle in Egypt at exactly the thirteenth December, during the two thousand and thirteen years
After the fifth Day of his demise,
that which had never been for a hundred years

For life gave him his ultimate freedom
Tears shed did make a storm.
A mentor as at now is he,
This and this alone,
And this stands alone,
As the greatest of all lessons mankind ever thought, which he did leave behind
For I, one, and many more
That nothing beneath the sun is impossible..
I hold on to this as a cuddle.
Adieu Mandela….
Even in the midst of deserts,
thy candle light burns for eternity.

By Chidera nnaeto Esq.


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Starring deep into your eyes.
Hoping my stare would manipulate
Your thoughts.
I assume they were too blunt
Not sharp enough to pierce through-
Just the way your words did
“That I should move on”
Like I got stuck in a mine.
That I should move on,
Like my scent you never did adore
Its usual for my heart to feel sore
Because for you, I wonder where you got that ease to let go,
And for me it’s you I earnestly love.
Dreamt of a future for us,
Maybe it is that, that is my curse.
Increasingly imaginative,
That my all I continually give
To the one my heart chose,
And to the ones I don’t love-
They always desire to stay,
But those I love, love to leave
Like the stem couldn’t hold the leaf.
Maybe much of my heart I unleash
Speaking much of my love, I preach
On the clouds I sit, cupid please teach
For I have lost appetite for loosing they that spend eternity in my emotions.
But I shall leave,
Whether for me you were right
Maybe before now I should have left
Than write this sad poetry
Feeling exiled from everything earthly
In future i should love less
Goodbye and God bless….

Chidera Nnaeto Esq

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